The Travel Bug

Hello everyone, so here starts the historic first blog of many to come.

Let me start by bringing a bit of my history to the forefront. I have always lived in Washington state and have explored much of its ground. Growing up I have had many the road-trip to many locations across my state, Oregon, Idaho, Oahu, California, Nevada, and the southern part of British Columbia. So, you could say by the age of 14 I had seen a good portion of the region and some.

When I hit 18, that’s when I really got the contiguous travel bug. I expanded myself to Mexico and Uganda, Africa. I will speak about those trips in another upcoming blog. Then I went to Mexico a few more times since, and backpacked Europe in 2008 – and might I say I traveled across the vast land of Europe by myself. I will definitely go into much more detail about traveling trains, planes, and ferries over the continent in a series of postings.

I found that the travel bug can either motivate you by showing you all that the world has to offer or it can crush you by making you believe that it’s out of your reach and you might as well just forget it. I believe that if you passionately want something enough, then you will make it happen. One of my favorite sayings is “where there’s a will there’s a way.” I hope that my travels will inspire, motivate, and entertain everyone who comes across them.


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