Journey to Mexico

Traveling to Mexico created a new monumental stamping of my life. I turned eighteen that year, I just graduated high school, and it was my first journey across the border without my parents. I found my legal freedom and the world laid at my feet.

I know what you must be thinking… this girl went to Cabo, went partying, and laid on some sandy beach for a week. Wrong. I made the trip to Mexico through a mission team.
At eighteen, I helped lead youth group through a church and they made the trip to Mexico every year, but I had never considered going until the end of my senior year. I didn’t want to go in the past because… basically I didn’t want “waste my time” helping other people. I had changed a lot within that year; the world had opened up to me and I had a change of heart.

The church has this old bus and every seat would be full. The group that went consisted of mostly teenagers, some parents of the teens, a few pastors, and handful of other adults.
Taking a mission trip to Mexico isn’t just jumping on a bus one day with a passport, it’s months of preparation, work, and meetings. Everyone has to be prepared to what’s to come: the work, the heat, the hours, and learning about the culture.If your heart’s not really into helping and growing, then the trip would be way too much for someone.
If you have never gone on a mission trip before, let me tell you, it’s a fabulous adventure. Of course it’s exhausting and a lot of work, but the best things in life take hard work.

So join me on my  journey to Mexico…


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