Once Upon a Travel

I will start by saying that before I was traveling across the oceans, I saw much of the pacific west as a child. Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho contain some beautiful landscapes; however, Washington is the most beautiful of them all by far. Here in Washington, we have countless lakes, trees, mountains, and we’re next to the Pacific Ocean.

When I was little, my parents would drive hours and hours to a destination. As a kid with motion sickness, I didn’t always enjoy the ride, but I always loved to go and see the world. Sometimes it was Canada, sometimes it was Lake Tahoe, or even anywhere in Washington; the process to get to each location was an adventurous destination on its own.

We would always stop at random locations to find a quick campground and set up the tent in the dark, or drive through the night to get to the next stop. Even the spontaneous decisions of choosing which drive-thru to get dinner created an adventure. These past events made me into the traveler that I am today: focused, flexible, patient, and always ready for anything that comes my way.

As I traveled across Europe, I used these background travel experiences to get me around the continent; especially on the trains. On the rails, you could sleep sitting up overnight, have multiple stops, and see the world from your window; all the while not knowing what the next day will hold. All my past experiences prepared me for my future, even if I didn’t know what my travel future would hold.


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