First Impressions

As I wake up about a half hour before we land, I start to see the sun’s glow peaking around the horizon about a quarter to six in the morning. While on final approach, the plane lowers above a large mass of water – I assumed it was a lake – as we get closer and closer to the water. I start to get worried that we may land on water instead of land. The sun hasn’t made his grand appearance yet, so all I can see in the darkness with a faintness of light trying to show me where we were. We get very close to touching water, but at the last moment the plane finds – what seems to me, that came out of nowhere – a runway.

The Entebbe Airport appears much much smaller than what I anticipated. The airport takes no time to get through – compared to airports in North America. The airport could be compared in size to a small town airport. As for entering and departing the plane, all you need are stairs.

As we wait for a taxi – when I say taxi, I mean old white van – outside the airport, I get to see the most beautiful sunrise. There is really nothing like the air in Uganda. The fragrance of the land overtakes you with delight once you reach the outdoors. From the foliage, to the morning air, mixed with the humidity, these encompass the smells of Africa.

Sometimes random events happen when you least expect it. We met this man ending his trip and started chatting with him as we waited for our taxi. He actually lived in our hometown for a few years and attended a local high school – this is a smaller world than you think. We finally get our “taxi” and I had no idea what I was about to see and experience as we head through the countryside to our motel. Welcome to Africa.




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