Heathrow Airport

On a rainy October day, I set forth to two counties that I had never set foot on: England and Uganda. I must admit, before I made plans to go to these countries, I never knew exactly where they were located. Geography had never been a strong point for me; but, the more you travel, the more your geography skills grow.

Eight hours went by on the flight to London, where we had an eight hour layover in the airport. Luckily, Heathrow Airport contained enough stores to be comparative in size to an actual mall. I contracted a cold a day before we left – after taking several shots for the trip, like yellow fever, and taking my pre-Africa malaria pills, I still got sick. For anyone who has flown with a cold, you know what I mean when I say traveling when sick is the worst.

While sick and waiting for eight hours in the airport, I tried to rest on the benches, which wasn’t that successful. I passed some of the time by taking my first attempt at English style ham and eggs. I must say, there did not seem to be any culinary skill when preparing my food. The on the large white plate, there sat a thin flat piece of ham with two flat tasteless eggs over well.

Although the food and being sick made the situation not so fabulous, I absolutely adored the English accents. I was surrounded by multitudes of people speaking in such a rich dialect. Not being able to leave the airport for eight hours seemed rough, especially when I knew I sat in an airport of a city I had never been in before. However, my cold made it too hard for me to find the energy to get too excited about wanting to get out and explore this new culture, especially when their weather looked just like our rainy northwest days. I really had no idea what lay beyond the confines of the runways, which helped me to accept my layover fate.
I did not get to leave the airport that gray day in London, but I would get the chance on the layover back. Good things come to those who wait and I had no idea how wonderful the surroundings would be until I traveled back. But for now, the journey continues on a red-eye to Entebbe, Uganda.


(view out my window when approaching London)


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