Road to Africa

I never thought that I would end up traveling to Africa, but the trip fell neatly into place. How many people can say that they flew halfway around the world to a country so absolutely foreign to them. That’s just what I did the same year I took my first trip to Mexico.

People always ask me, “how was Africa”, or “what was it like?” I usually respond with a quick, “humid, nice people, makes you appreciate everything you have here in North America.” However, there’s so much more to the trip than that. Experiencing Africa continues to be something that no one can truly understand unless you go yourself, but here I will give it try for those of you who may never get the chance to go. If you flew the 16-18 hours to the African land, then I may spur on memories of your own past experiences there.

I first decided to go to Africa because I really felt that I should go. Sometimes in life, certain things call out to you, and you can either respond by going for it or fighting it and staying in your safe confines. After I made the decision to go, doors started opening. About a month after I decided to go, my church built a connection to another church in Uganda and they began asking if there would be any interest in others going. Soon after, I got a round trip ticket for a cheap $1100, the visa and the passport went through fast, and the lodging fell right into place. Today a round-trip ticket would cost around $2500.

Our travels began with our ride to SeaTac airport. Two of our bus tires popped on the way there; funny thing… we would later miss those simple driving conditions compared crazy driving in Africa. We traveled through SeaTac instead of PDX because SeaTac offers a straight shot to our first continent, instead of multiple stops within the states. We traveled through British Airways – now one of my favorite airlines. Eight hours and counting to my first landing in London – let the foreign discoveries begin!

Next stop: Heathrow Airport


(the plane I took to London)


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