First Night in London

I’m one of those people who need to make sure I have a window seat – that’s just how I roll. I need to see the world. The whole ride to London, and not to mention to the States, I had the advantage of sitting by the window. Flying out of Africa to London, showed me the view over the African landscapes, from jungles to the endless desert.

I overlooked the Mediterranean Sea – which looked like a long strip of leather. I flew over Spain and into England. Coming into England, you fly over perfectly manicured landscapes, over looking castles, and into the rainy weather I know so well.

I got off the plane and had go through the long line at customs, and took the tube (subway) from Heathrow into the city to enjoy our overnight layover in the city. At this point, I knew absolutely nothing about London.

My travel group and I decided that we all want an authentic English meal: fish and chips for sure. After entering several pubs to check if they serve the dish we want, we finally find a restaurant after walking across London for over an hour. That’s how I love to venture though new locations – I take my time to find exactly what I want.

The restaurant had a red and black checkered floor, the layout extended narrowly with the walls to the left and right covered in full length mirrors to give the illusion that it was bigger than it looked. The pieces of fish were as big as my hand, and remember, chips from anywhere other than America resemble jo-jos, not french fries or potato chips.

After dinner, half the group took a taxi to our Mission house hotel. The other four of us could not wait to be set loose on an adventure on foot through London to find the hotel. We went through a handful of underground stations, wandering in and out of random parts of town, and walking through downtown London at night – which I must say… gorgeous! Walking through London at night, to me, feels like walking through a fairy tale. Of course I had just spent the last two weeks in a poverty stricken place.

Around midnight, we finally find the hotel and I can’t wait to do another day of exploring in what has become one of my favorite locations in the world.


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