Last Days

During the last days of the trip, I got make many trips out  to explore the countryside and the city.

I got to go shopping in a marketplace in downtown Kampala. This marketplace had little wooden covered booths set up in a semi-circle. Everything there was hand-crafted and super cheap. I ended up buying too much stuff, even a large sized drum – who knows what I was thinking.

The pastor’s sons showed us around, so we decided to take them out to lunch to a hamburger joint. These were the first shakes they had ever consumed in their lives. Across the street, there loomed an expensive hotel – one you might see in a U.S. major city – the hotel did not look like it belonged in the country at all.

We stopped at a grocery store – it had two tight rows of food in a small narrow building. The store didn’t resemble a U.S. grocery store in the least.

On another day trip, we went to the source of the Nile. In right side of the park near the source of the Nile, a group of young people were dancing and partying away, with a strong stinch of pot floating our way – which you could smell consistently wherever we went. At the source of the quick moving stream of the Nile, a dock overlooked the area with a sign explaining a bit of it’s history.

We drove a little further away to find a trail leading down to an area of small and large waterfalls. The waterfalls constructed the edge around the park with rocks that frame the water. As you walk down into the park to get to the Nile, the flowers, greenery, and the waterfalls made me think of how Eden must have looked.

When the day came to head to the airport to start my journey back to America, I could not wait to get my travel on. I experienced and learned a lot from traveling Uganda; however, I still had England on my agenda to explore.

Next stop: London.

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