Ten Countries in One Month

And so the journey begins. I would like to take you on a trip through my backpacking experience through photographs and tips; for each post I will focus on one country at a time.

I visited ten countries while abroad, some may say that going to so many countries in one month is insane. I did see some countries longer than others, I traveled over 40 trains, most of the time I didn’t know where I would end up spending the night. Backpacking is a spontaneous adventure, but also involves a lot of patience for waiting for your mode of transportation and for trying to communicate with those who have no idea what you saying.

Here lie ahead the ten countries that I visited and will be the ones that I will be posting about:

  1. Belgium
  2. Germany
  3. Austria
  4. Italy
  5. Greece
  6. France
  7. Spain
  8. Portugal
  9. Switzerland
  10. England

So let’s start the series of blogs about my backpacking journey through Europe.

Country #1: Belgium.


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