The cleanest city of Europe award goes to Vienna. I found this place to showcase such innate details upon their architecture and every building seemed to be well taken care of.

My visit to Wien – the way the city is spelled in Austria – remained very short. However, I spent a lot of time on the train across the country to soak up it’s amazing landscapes. The city showcases what most others have: tall buildings, mass transportation systems, and many stores. Although this is a lovely, well-kept city; I preferred viewing the countryside.

The countryside blooms with the rich shades of greens set among the many hills creating such wonderful sights of natural art. Towns create picturesque scenes when nestled in between the layers of hills. The quaintness of each town leaves one wishing that we could all live in such a beautiful and simple setting. I must say that Austria’s gorgeous landscapes should be on everyone’s must-see list for traveling across Europe.


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