Wandering Venice

I passionately always wanted to visit Italy, so much of my journey revolved around visiting this country. I ended up spending approximately a forth of my time there; consequently, writing just one post covering all of my travels in Italia would be ridiculous. So, here starts my short series of the country I had so longed to see, starting with Venice.

I rode into Venice on a dark May night. I awoke on the train to find it parked beyond the station with no one else on board, so I went in search of someone to bring the train back to the port. I quickly found a worker several cars down who spoke only Italian. Either I fell into the deepest sleep ever that night, or no one bothered to wake up passengers when you reach your destination.

When I made it back to the station, I needed to figure out which shuttle bus could transport me to the campground which sat across the long bridge from the old city. I stayed at Alba D’oro; the center of the grounds held a swimming pool, bright colored flowers decorated the sides of the tent houses, and from the back of the lot, you could see landscape comparative to the dry flat grounds of southern California. The next full day I spent in Venice, started with blue skies but quickly slid into clouds and drizzle.

Venice is much like being in an amazingly huge maze. The countless walkways in the historic city lead on for miles; even if you buy a map to try to figure a way out, you’ll just get even more lost because the mapmaker’s couldn’t get a grasp of how intensive the layout is. When I tried to leave the confusing walkways, I had to ask least five people for directions (including two policemen); after two hours, I finally found my way out.

The pathways are lined with restaurants, souvenir vendors, and small stores take up residency in old Italian buildings. If you look up along the less crowded paths, you’ll find clothes hangings along the walls to dry. The restaurants set up dining tables covered in bright contrasting colors along the water; such as layering an orange atop a hot pink colored cloth. In the depths of the inter-woven directions to go, you’ll stumble upon a random small area devoted to high-end merchandise such as: Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

I found that all along the water, stairs leading into the depths of the sea and doors opening to one stair or even without a ledge present. If you were to step out these doors, you would probably fall right into the water.

Contrary to popular belief, not all rowers in the Gondolas sing. When walking along the endless walkways, you’ll see men in Gondolas all over the Canals; however, I only heard maybe two out of all of them sing after being near them all day.

My trip to this “Floating City” may not contain exactly what one would expect, but how boring would an adventure be if everything played out as you imagined.


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