My Amazing Race through Rome

Sometimes when traveling, you feel like you’re on an episode of The Amazing Race. From looking for places with internet, to locating night arrangements, and trying to track down sights of interest on the map, as well as asking people who don’t speak English for directions and included a bit of drama. My version of the Race would be shown in a slower speed, but nonetheless, this outlines my travel to Rome.

I took multiple trains from Brindisi (South Italy) to Rome, instead of a straight shot train. If I had taken the direct train, then they will charge you a large reservation fee, but I rode the trains off the beaten path for free with my Europass.

Through the train ride, you can view south Italy’s landscapes. The southern countryside boasts of rows of vineyards over the rolling green hills. In random locations in the fields, you can find small smart cars parked near a row of grapes. The closer the train gets to the city, the more likely you’ll find someone who can speak English and obtain some good advice from them about venturing around Rome.

Once, I got into Rome, I headed to the first place with internet to find a place to spend the night. I stayed at a campsite ( a metro train and a bus ride away from the city. Be prepared to be packed into these modes of transportation like sardines in the evening.

At this point in Rome, I had been traveling for a week with a friend of some friends; however, I decided to part ways at the campsite, and this began my solo journey around Europe.

Most people think that you need a travel buddy if you decide to go backpacking – especially as a woman – this simply isn’t true. Traveling alone allows you to go at your own pace, encourages you to meet others, and shows the potential for which you are capable. Just make sure to travel smart: always be aware of your surroundings and try to be in the city only in the daytime.


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