The Importance of Being Random

My time in Florence Italy could be summed up in one word: random.

When I decided to go to Florence, I hadn’t done any research to find out what the town was known for and never had a map while I roamed their many many streets. I could say I got lost for a while, but can you really be lost if you have no destination?

Some people can’t stand being lost, wandering without a destination, or being in the midst of someplace they’ve never been without a map; not me, I think of the lack of direction as a true adventure.

I came across museums, high-end department stores, souvenir, pastry, and grocery shops. The only one of those I got excited about smelled like sugar and fruit. By this point in my trip, I had my fill of art, paintings, and sculptures for the rest of my trip; I really wanted to find nature’s beauty instead.

When I made my way back to the train station after walking around for awhile, I found a large bus station nearby and asked around to try find one that could lead me to the best scenic location. I hopped on and I realized that I received some great advice. My transportation meandered through a hill draped with greenery; then the bus climbed up to an observation point, called Piazza Michelangelo, overlooking all of Florence. By the way, the Piazza holds a market of vendors from which I bought the tastiest watermelon of my life. Across the street from the observation point, a monument sat for a architect name Givseppe Poggi.

While I explored the area, I discovered a campsite just a little ways down from the Piazza. From the campsite (, the view of Florence could be seen all around. The cost remains a steal to this day: about $20 a night. I recommend staying here; it’s a bargain and has a great view, but prepare to share your tent with a couple other people – which has never been a problem for me.


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Random

  1. I am with you…I love wandering and ‘getting lost’, knowing I’ll always find my way to where I am suppose to be. It makes it so much more fun! Thanks for the post and the photos!


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