The Ride into Athens

Getting to Athens, Greece is a bit rough. I took a ferry from Venice to Athens, and let me tell you, the ride is not glamorous at all. The ride’s total time maxed out at 40 hours and since I’m a cheap traveler, I decided to go with the free ride from my Eurail Pass.

Let me paint the picture for you: rain for the first 12 hours, sleeping on the deck, and intercom announcements overhead every hour in at least 6 different languages. In the middle of the first night, I awoke to a wave of water splashing over me when I slept on the floor of the deck. You can bet that I splurged for seating on the ferry ride on the way back home, which cost about 32 Euros.

Once you travel further south on the ride, the weather completely clears up and you’ll have some great views of the coast opposite Italy and of the golden sunsets over the Sea.

Once the ferry experience ended in Patras, the darkness had another hour to reign. I landed in this town at about 5am and followed other people from the ferry to try to locate a train station to take to Athens. At this train station, I met a group of guys, and we joined forces into Athens.

This small train into Athens could be described as a crazy carnival ride. The trip takes at least 2 hours, you can feel every move and shake, and every turn feels like you’re playing corners. When you decide on getting to Athens by ferry and train, you need to be prepared and committed; but the journey makes you appreciate being in Athens all the more. Next time I go, I will definitely be looking for a plane to take instead.



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