An American in Paris

One couldn’t ask for a more beautiful and warm day in Paris. Once I exited the train station, I looked for the nearest newspaper stand to find the best map possible – since I only had one day, I wanted to make sure that I saw everything I could. Because everything on the map was shown in French, I went with the only one with pictures of what each location contained.

Paris has a vibe that lures you into it’s charm; the environment may be busy with traffic and tourists, but the elegance of small stores, the landmarks, and overall beauty allows you to truly embrace your surroundings.

Most people will take the subway to travel to location to location, I absolutely hated to do so if I was perfectly capable of walking to each spot myself. I believe walking everywhere allows you to see and experience so much more. I would have missed all the quaint streets, the smells drifting out from the small cafes, and all the sunshine of that beautiful day.

I caught my first sight of the Eiffel Tower across town, as I approached the Louvre Museum. Throughout the day, the Tower turns different colors in line with how the sun touches it. At a far away distance, the color of the structure appears gray, but when you get closer the golden colors become more distinct. By sunset, pink tones radiate off the steel and at night the golden lights get turned on. Every hour after the suns set, lights are scheduled to twinkle for several minutes. The sparkling of the tower at night is something not to be missed – it’s absolutely amazing!


3 thoughts on “An American in Paris

  1. aaaf thats awesome on sunny day, i would like to visit Paris 😀 thats my dream mmm maybe everyone dream travel to Paris specially Asian people, am one of them 😛 … and enjoy your travel 🙂


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