For the Love of Barcelona

The one city that I would love to live for awhile would be Barcelona. This Spanish town has everything that I’d ever need. From the beauty of nature, the beach, sparkling waters, and a very cute shopping area, to it’s easy access to the rest of Europe, I could gladly call Barcelona my home.

I spent several days in this large city. Going along the water, you’ll see a large port of sailboats; while you walk along the waterside, peddlers lay blankets of their merchandise (mostly purses and sunglasses). The closer in proximity to the beach you arrive, you’ll hear the beat of music, see bars with their open seating areas, and find more stores selling towels and sunscreen.

The beach stays busy in the middle of the day, so I tried to show up before noon. There is nothing better than overlooking the calm Sea while soaking up the warmth of the late May sun on the beach. However, you will need to ignore the locals walking up and down the beach selling their merchandise, mostly offering massages, if you want to be left alone.

The small shops downtown, weave around like a maze, reminiscent of the streets of Venice. The stores sell anything from jewelry, souvenirs, random glass and pottery items covered in mosaics, to candies and clothing. Down the long walkway of La Rambla that travels through the city, which goes on for miles, has hundreds of stores lining it: restaurants, department stores, and old architecture. La Rambla stays occupied by entertainers dressed in costumes hoping for donations.

My hostel had easy access to La Rambla, which had access to the closer end near the beach. The hostels can be more expensive and not as nice as the rest of the places I stayed in Europe; and you will definitely need to plan on spending more on food as well, but the Spanish delights are worth the extra price. Just watch out for the shrimp on your plate, because they leave everything on. You must try the patatas bravas, what we translate to say”angry potatoes.” These spicy tapas are a must while in Spain. Here’s a recipe for the tapas if you want to give them a try without the long plane ride to Barcelona


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