Architecture of Barcelona Spain

Barcelona has many an amazing structure. The city holds it’s traditional architecture of churches, Gothic monuments, and arches which you could find all over Europe. However, the uniqueness of the designs stand out far beyond what I would ever imagine before exploring all the architecture that I did in Barcelona.

The architect, Antoni Gaudi, showcases his work across the city. His imagination left Barcelona forever changed from the beginning of the early twentieth century. His offbeat designs resemble what a festive gingerbread house looks like: boasting with bright mosaics, crafted with a brown base, and has a child-like appearance.

Not all of his work’s features pass for gingerbread houses though. He also built a church, many buildings along La Rambla, and the most amazing park that I had ever seen.

The Parc Geull covers miles of land on a hill overlooking Barcelona. The panoramic view from the top allows you see to the coast and look down upon everything that this amazing city has to offer. While wandering the paths, brightly color parakeets sing from the palm trees and lush greens lead you to the next sights of what the park has to unveil. The park holds a handful of his gingerbread looking buildings, including stone-lined walkways, mosaic ceilings, and figures.   Trying to take a photo of the mosaic lizard figure becomes quite the task when everyone at the park thinks riding the creature is the most hilarious thing ever.

These buildings sit along La Rambla: La Pedrera and Casa Battlo (pictured below)

After viewing the history making architecture of Gaudi, the Spanish city holds more random looking pieces of design as well as a traditional arch. I absolutely loved my time in Barcelona and hope to go back someday and continue exploring the rest of the amazing architecture that Spain has to offer.


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