The Completion of Backpacking Europe

My journey around Europe came to a close, with my last stop on the British Isle. London provided the TowerTower of London of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, beautiful parks, and countless other places I remember with joy. I look back and feel so lucky to have spent a month as a free bird across 10 countries. I viewed countless landscapes, historic landmarks, and took a crazy amount of pictures. I stayed in hostels with other people from numerous countries, slept on night trains, and used charades to communicate with everyone who didn’t understand English. Every day as a backpacker, I woke up excited to pick which country to visit; the Eurorail gives you countless destinations at your fingertips. Each morning, I spontaneously choose which direction to go and allowed myself to get lost for fun. Normally, people stress the heck out when lost, but when you allot yourself a month to do whatever you want, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Tower BridgeThe next several months after settling back into life on U.S. soil, daily life seemed so boring compared to the adventures I experienced. The smallest things still remind me of my travels and make me long to go back; as an example, the intercom at doctor’s offices calling numbers remind of a train boarding announcement.  Ask anyone who traveled as a backpacker in Europe, they’ll carry the same excitement about their journeys (and we could talk for hours and hours about backpacking Europe).

I can’t wait to make my way back across the Atlantic; until then, I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to travel the world – you will never regret it!

Train Along European Countryside


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