Out in the Jamaican Country Country

While taking a couple hour drive from Montego Bay airport to the far west coast to Negril, Country Country Road Signyou will start thinking where your resort resides – because you don’t see anything for miles and the ride takes forever. The hotels tend to be clumped together in rows; the destination signs will appear by the road. The cottages sit further in to the property, not seen from the vehicles passing by.

My husband and I stayed at a small cottage resort called Country Country; we had a smallCountry Country Cottage cottage to ourselves. The interiors showcase bright colors and Jamaican feel architecture. We wanted to stay somewhere that felt Jamaican, instead of a huge expansive hotel that looks the same no matter where you are located in the world.

The walkways through the grounds lead you by all the quaint cottages, down to the View of the Beach from Country Country Walkwaybeach. Country Country includes an on the beach restaurant, with complimentary breakfasts and full bar (I couldn’t use the bar because I was pregnant, but my husband enjoyed it). The resort has a smaller piece of beach, set aside for the resort with lounge chairs. The grounds stay quiet, but if you want more of a party atmosphere, you can head down the beach and find Margaritaville just 5 minutes away.

If you want to experience what Jamaica is like, I would suggest Country Country (plus theCountry Country Beach cost stays really low, and Groupon sometimes has great prices on the place). The trip to Negril also allows you to view the countryside and see how the Jamaicans really live. However, if you desire a more pampered and secluded vacation, I would suggest an all-inclusive hotel.


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