Looking Forward to 2015

And so it ends, another goodbye to another year. Hopefully everyone has accomplished many exciting adventures and had many quality experiences. I feel as I haven’t accomplished very much this year and since I am turning the big 3-0 in little over a week, I feel the need to really sit down and decide what I want to do for 2015.

Although I have lived a life thus far full of travels over 12 countries, a handful of states, and met a wide diversity of people, along with all I’ve done in my personal life,Me and my daughter I feel the push from this large upcoming number of an age to really drive myself to do more this new year.

Here’s my 30 goals for my 30th year:

1.) 365 Photography Project
2.) Read 6 books in 2015
3.) Travel to a different state that I haven’t been to
4.) No internet one day a week
5.) Weigh 120, lose about 20 lbs
6.) Pay off credit card
7.) Indoor sky diving
8.) Volunteer at something
9.) Ride a horse
10.)Eat healthier
11.)Get back into blogging
12.)Go ziplining
13.)Explore a new town
14.)Try a new hair color
15.)Go river rafting
16.)Say “yes” more
17.)Take a flight somewhere
18.)Take a train
19.)Go to a concert
20.)Visit a new island
21.)Join a club or group
22.)Write more poetry
23.)Pick up a part-time job
24.)Study a new language – Spanish (duolingo.com)
25.)Take my daughter to the Seattle Aquarium
26.)Take a tour of underground Seattle
27.)Try new foods
28.)Move into a bigger place
29.)Have more date nights with Hubby 🙂
30.)Enjoy living in the moment more

As I turn 30 and start another new year, I will not turn to being depressed at what I leave behind, instead I will be excited to what lies ahead… another year of growth and adventure!


One thought on “Looking Forward to 2015

  1. If you are anything like me, you’ll love your thirties… Still young enough to get right ‘into life’, but financially more be able to support your ventures, and that little bit more wisdom to help you make the most out of it!


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