Top Ten Reasons I Want to Move to Europe

Lately, I have been greatly missing Europe; it has already been seven years since I visited. Especially since I now have a child I want the best for, I would really love to make the move to Europe. So here’s my top ten reasons I would want to move across the Atlantic:


10. Fluoride is not allowed in the drinking water. 

Europeans have a history of knowing what fluoride really does and wants nothing to do with it.

I have to say, the best water I’ve had came from the taps of Switzerland.

9. Enjoyment of Life

Sure the cities tend to more high-speed than the country side, but the people bring a realization of what’s important in life to wherever they go. I feel like most people don’t have as much of the same stresses over there because they take life at a different speed: life should be enjoyed, not rushed. Although, some countries are more so than others; not all European countries are equal. The United States needs to take some pointers from our neighbors.

8. The Architecture and History.

No matter what country in Europe you visit, you will find yourself walking through history. The buildings are ornate in designs and hold hundreds of years of memories within them. Vatican CeilingThe first time I walked through London in the evening, I felt as if I were strolling through a fairy tale land. And as I took step after step down the road to the Coliseum in Rome, I could feel the spirits of history running down the same path I was taking. No where in the the United States holds such a long rich past and brilliant constructions.

7. Healthcare.

The healthcare system takes care of their citizens, and the maternity leave puts the United States to shame.

6. The People.

Everywhere you go, people are unbelievably nice and super helpful. In the U.S., people tend to keep to themselves; Europeans tend to be more outgoing. Also, with each country you visit, the immersion of each of their accents is intoxicating.

5. The Quality of Food.

Oh… my… gosh…, I love the food in Europe!German Dessert

From the pastry shops, the meats and cheeses, to the fresh fruit, chocolates, and gelato; all the food is done and tastes much better over seas. I feel that you can actually taste the care that was put into each thing you consume. You really can’t debate me on this unless you’ve dabbled in the European delights.

4. GMOs are Highly Regulated.

In a lot of Europe, food products need to be labeled if they contain Genetically Modified Organisms. “France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Greece are among the countries that have either total or partial bans on GMOs. And in Italy, 16 of the country’s 20 regions have declared themselves to be GMO-free when it comes to agriculture”

3. The Educational System.

Here in the US, education is not about learning anymore; it’s about training children to do well at taking tests. As well as becoming a massive business for corporate test makers, as seen here

Teachers in the U.S. aren’t allowed the room to be creative in the classroom, instead, the educational system hands teachers a strict curriculum that they should not get “side-tracked” by. Teachers are no longer initiators of learning and critical thought, but drones to create a generation of robot test takers. Which sucks any interest or passion of learning from a child; as a result, the United States is now very low on academic standing in the world.

I’m not saying that Europe has the best educational system, but compared with the U.S., who comes in at #28 worldwide, many European countries are way ahead

Also, as a side note, as I backpacked across Europe and have known people from all over the world, I have to say I feel like a “stupid American” for only knowing English. Most people all over the world know at least two languages. Thank you U.S. educational system.

2. The Trains!

Europe has a massive amount of rails to ride. Each morning you can wake up and just Train Along European Countrysidehead to an easily accessible station and go to a different country on a whim. They have high speed trains, which go up to 252 mph. You don’t have to deal with traffic or even need a hotel room for the night because you can save money and spend the night in your train car.

1. Location, Location, Location!

What other continent do you have the ability to easily the spend the day in at least three countries? Each country borders numerous others and allows you to spend each weekend in a different culture. Europe is a travel addicted person’s paradise!


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