Arizona Supermoon


Tonight I enjoyed a lunar eclipse supermoon, the last time this occurred was in 1982. So glad I got to take some pics of it. So gorgeous!!


New to Arizona

Living in the southern state of Arizona is quite the change from the mild state of Washington.
Sometimes when I’m on the highway the change randomly hits me, “I’m staying in Arizona.” This change of scenery isn’t a vacation, we live here now, even though the first month felt like wpid-20150425_125113.jpgwe were on holiday. The hillside scenery reminds me of the same hills of Sin City, which is only four hours from here and puts me into that vacay mindset. From the sun’s glow painting the hills, brightly colored blooms, the beautiful sunsets, to being able to play in the pool everyday; this definitely isn’t Washington anymore.

This landlocked state is really the opposite of Washington. The environment is dry, no lush wpid-20150506_090544.jpgtrees, giant ass bugs, and not being able to see a real lake and being so far from the ocean is strange. I can’t just go for a run or a hike, unless I’m prepared to bake. I’ve been warned about the hiking here: don’t stop on the paths, if you do, the bugs will immediately climb you like a tree. This does not seem like an place where I want to try the trails. I will definitely miss the amazing hiking of the Northwest.

However, the sunshine is awesome! I love the palm trees, the people are really nice, and all wpid-20150427_131402.jpgthe construction seems to be recent. With this new location, brings new adventures at my fingertips… if I have really long fingers though. As I said, Vegas is four hours, driving to San Diego could be up to six hours, and about three hours south is a beach in the town of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Not to mention the Grand Canyon up north three hours and three other states surrounding Arizona that I have never visited before. I am super excited to venture into the unknown and see what this area has to offer.

I loved Washington’s landscapes, but what is life without moving around and exploring the rest of the world?! I would love to keep bouncing around experiencing other cultures; my dream is to one day move to Europe for a while. Look out England, one day I’m coming for you!

If anyone has any suggestions of must see areas around the southwest, feel free to leave me a comment!

Born in the Wrong Country

Have you ever felt as if you were born in the wrong country? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed living in a few places in my lifetime. I lived 30 years of my life in the Pacific Northwest; it’s a gorgeous area with snow-capped mountains, sparkling waters, and lush greenery, but I have never like I belong there.IMG_4229

When I ventured across the Atlantic as an 18 year old on an overnight layover on the way to Africa, I spent the night in England. I never had an education of the land or an urge to explore Europe, but as I walked through the many streets I became enamored. IMG_4225The more time I spent there, the more I felt as if this country is what I had been missing my whole life.IMG_4216

England has the greenery, the water, and the rain I always had be accustomed to, but there’s a magic to the area I can’t fully explain. The first time I soaked in a London city evening, I felt as if I were walking through a historic fairy-tale.

IMG_4224I love the detailed and historic architecture, the culture, the people and their accents, and how you can travel the rest of Europe at ease. I just feel more European than I do American.

Maybe my love of England awakens something historic in my
blood, or maybe I truly do just belong in my long lost land. But all I do know is that England feels like home.IMG_4388

Has anyone else had such a stirring that they are living in the wrong country? Feel free to comment below!