Greenlake Park


Greenlake Park truly showcases the Emerald City’s beauty with it’s blue water, vivid Greenlake Parkgreenery, views of the tops of Seattle landmarks, and includes various activities. The shorter and farther distanced placed pathways circle the lake with walking and reserved bike lanes. The inner path measures at 2.8 miles and the outer comes in at 3.2 miles.

On a summer day you can rent water rafts, have a picnic, and send your kids to play on the large playground. As you stroll the pathway, you’ll view older beautiful houses steeped along the road. Adorable small restaurants also take up residence along the lake. My daughter loved the shallow wading pool, but watch out, it gets a little packed on a warm day.

Did I mention that sand sits on a small portion near the water, that’s right, this park is that awesome! I love this park, it is definitely my favorite Washington State park.

If you plan to stay in the area for awhile, especially if you have kids or love animals, the Woodland Park Zoo sits super close by.

Greenlake Pathways










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