Born in the Wrong Country

Have you ever felt as if you were born in the wrong country? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed living in a few places in my lifetime. I lived 30 years of my life in the Pacific Northwest; it’s a gorgeous area with snow-capped mountains, sparkling waters, and lush greenery, but I have never like I belong there.IMG_4229

When I ventured across the Atlantic as an 18 year old on an overnight layover on the way to Africa, I spent the night in England. I never had an education of the land or an urge to explore Europe, but as I walked through the many streets I became enamored. IMG_4225The more time I spent there, the more I felt as if this country is what I had been missing my whole life.IMG_4216

England has the greenery, the water, and the rain I always had be accustomed to, but there’s a magic to the area I can’t fully explain. The first time I soaked in a London city evening, I felt as if I were walking through a historic fairy-tale.

IMG_4224I love the detailed and historic architecture, the culture, the people and their accents, and how you can travel the rest of Europe at ease. I just feel more European than I do American.

Maybe my love of England awakens something historic in my
blood, or maybe I truly do just belong in my long lost land. But all I do know is that England feels like home.IMG_4388

Has anyone else had such a stirring that they are living in the wrong country? Feel free to comment below!