The Greenest Place in Scottsdale Arizona

The Fairmont Princess Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona created a large green park setting in the middle of the desert. The grounds really make you feel as if you are not in such a dry location. This stunning private park contain orange trees, various birds, and a pond at the center. 


Grand Canyon

I loved taking pics of this wonder. The complimentary colors with it’s orange/red rock layers competing with the blue sky created the perfect site for photography.

My family and I visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We walked the trail from Mather Point to Yavipai Point, which measured around half a mile. I recommend the view from Yavipai over Mather  because you can see just a bit more, however, all angles display stunning vantage points.


Wallace Falls Trail and Lake


A little over 40 miles northeast of Bellevue, located on the west side of the Cascade 186Mountains, lays the trails of Wallace Falls. The trail guide you along three sections of waterfalls: lower, middle, and upper.

Making the journey all the way to the end of the Falls trail 190puts you in at 2.8 miles, but if you still have energy after that stair-master of a hike, you can travel almost another mile and half to the breathtaking Wallace Lake.

Once you’re off the Falls Trail, you’ll need to look closely for blue markers in the trees to let you know you’re going the right way. Soon as the view of the Lake comes into view, you’ll be so happy you powered through to get to there!