Beautifully Ridiculous Switzerland

How would I describe my time in Switzerland? Beautifully ridiculous.

First of all, this country beams of rich greenery, massive lakes, mountains and Bavarian houses. After traveling almost four weeks in Europe, I missed nature. I thirsted for thick greenery, blue lakes, and fresh air. By the way, Switzerland has the best tasting water from all 10 countries I visited. So, I needed a break from mounds of statues, architecture, large churches, drier landscapes, and the rush of the city. Looking out my train window at the amazing sights before me, this proved to be the most beautiful of panoramas.

My experience in this country lives, in history, as ridiculous. The train I took into Geneva from France didn’t get in until super late at night, so I planned on spending the night at the train station. However, they closed at 1 or 2am, so they kicked me out. So, I stayed on the street until this woman told me about a store that stayed open 24/7 that I could chill out at for the night (I gotta give the homeless a lot of credit). I hung out with the German owners of this shop until the train station opened and I left for Bern.

The views of Bern include fancy rows of shops and gorgeous views of nature. The downtown square held waltz dancing with an orchestra. I also had my first encounter with the rich taste of Swiss chocolate. Going into a chocolate shop resembles walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, without the machines.

I next left for Interlaken where lots of outdoor activities take place, but because the weather had turned to pouring rain and wind, all the activities had been closed and would be closed for several days. So, I booked an overnight train to Hamburg leaving from Zurich.

In my final town of Zurich, I wandered around trying to see as much of the city in the pouring rain that I could. Finally, I got drenched and I stayed at the station until my train boarded. I gotta say, the Zurich train station allows smokers, had huge World Cup soccer player statues, and stayed pretty dang cold.

Even though I spent my time in Switzerland with no sleep, cold and rainy weather, and all the other ridiculously random things that happened, I still remember the beauty most out of my experience in this land.