Bainbridge Island by Ferry

My birthday part 2, going to Bainbridge Island and back to Seattle by ferry. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Leaving at 10:40 from a foggy pier

My daughter’s first time on a ferry

Doing a little people watching20150109_105527Coming into the Bainbridge Island Pier

Ate at Fork and Spoon downtown

The downtown strip20150109_133340BI downtown

Battle Point Park20150109_142146Duck RoxLakePark benchPath trees pathSix LakeSky TreesTree pathBI120150109_150630

The playground in the park
playground BI6BI3

The play equipment include tiny details, such as names carved into the postsBI2 BI4 20150109_151210

Northwest artwork designed around the playgroundSalmon 1 Salmon 2 Ducks on Ceiling 20150109_151210BI5

Leaving Bainbridge into the Puget Sound viewing Mount Rainier20150109_165102

Trying out the panoramic mode on my new phone camera20150109_17125020150109_171416

Such a gorgeous night view of Seattle from the ferry!20150109_171445Night Seattle

I definitely need to take advantage of the fact that I live near the best area for ferries, I always forget just how fun and beautiful those trips are. I had never been to Bainbridge Island before, the whole land boasted of barely touched nature. Sparsely spaced houses surrounded by the woods of Washington, I imagine this is how the entire state used to look before becoming so populated and commercialized. Taking trips like this really makes me appreciate living in this part of the world. I love living in these lush, beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest!


An Early Evening in Bellevue

So after visiting IFly for a weightless safe skydiving experience, I spent the evening in Bellevue eating sushi with a friend and my family. While entering the city, the clouds were nestled around the tops of the skyscrapers; lights illuminated the branches of trees lining the streets. There’s nothing like the liveliness and modern environment of being in the city, especially when you have lived away from it for a few years.











Day One of 2015 Resolutions

Let me start by saying Happy New Year to everyone! Welcome to the beginning of my 30th Year of 30 Resolutions.

I am starting one of my resolutions today by beginning my 365 photography challenge. Everyday I will take photos and post the ones I like best. I hope that my increased use of practicing photography will really strengthen my skills in the craft. Hope everyone will enjoy my year in pictures!

So, here we go… starting with the most important people in my life: My husband and daughter. Daddy and daughter

Looking Forward to 2015

And so it ends, another goodbye to another year. Hopefully everyone has accomplished many exciting adventures and had many quality experiences. I feel as I haven’t accomplished very much this year and since I am turning the big 3-0 in little over a week, I feel the need to really sit down and decide what I want to do for 2015.

Although I have lived a life thus far full of travels over 12 countries, a handful of states, and met a wide diversity of people, along with all I’ve done in my personal life,Me and my daughter I feel the push from this large upcoming number of an age to really drive myself to do more this new year.

Here’s my 30 goals for my 30th year:

1.) 365 Photography Project
2.) Read 6 books in 2015
3.) Travel to a different state that I haven’t been to
4.) No internet one day a week
5.) Weigh 120, lose about 20 lbs
6.) Pay off credit card
7.) Indoor sky diving
8.) Volunteer at something
9.) Ride a horse
10.)Eat healthier
11.)Get back into blogging
12.)Go ziplining
13.)Explore a new town
14.)Try a new hair color
15.)Go river rafting
16.)Say “yes” more
17.)Take a flight somewhere
18.)Take a train
19.)Go to a concert
20.)Visit a new island
21.)Join a club or group
22.)Write more poetry
23.)Pick up a part-time job
24.)Study a new language – Spanish (
25.)Take my daughter to the Seattle Aquarium
26.)Take a tour of underground Seattle
27.)Try new foods
28.)Move into a bigger place
29.)Have more date nights with Hubby 🙂
30.)Enjoy living in the moment more

As I turn 30 and start another new year, I will not turn to being depressed at what I leave behind, instead I will be excited to what lies ahead… another year of growth and adventure!

A New Spin to a New Era

Hello all! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I have left a blog; absolutely mind-blowing!

I have gone through my 29th year of life without the joy of blogging, but joyfully staying super busy with the most beautiful child in the whole world. She has created a rewarding adventure in my life, but I have to admit, do miss traveling. Hopefully, she will catch the travel bug and will love to travel with her crazy mama!

So, I may not have traveled to any foreign lands in 2014, but I did have the chance to camp and explore the area around Mount Rainier (which I will post later on about).

Many of my posts will encompass my new decade of life, as I am turning the big 3-0 at the beginning of the year, therefore I will be planning on accomplishing more and taking more photos to share. I look forward to sharing my experiences and pictures with you all in the new year to come!