London: Feels Like Home

My last post continued my journey through Europe. I started my adventure in London and planned on taking a few more days at the end to soak up more of my British addiction. I traveled through 10 countries in one month and wanted to finish my time in Europe with one of my favorite places in the world: London, England.

I ventured to this large city five years prior in 2003, I first encountered this wonderful land for a one night layover. I never planned on visiting England, nor had any interest. However, England and I were meant to be together.

Walking through the city streets at night, felt like drifting through fairy tale book pages. London at DuskThe architecture, the lighting, and historical feel in this rich place cannot be compared to anywhere else I had ventured. Even though I never set foot on British soil before, somehow, England felt like home. (I must have been born in the wrong country). Therefore, when planning my path around Europe, I absolutely knew that I wanted to start and finish my time in England.

So, it was my dream to come back to my long distance love to better acquaint myself with my “hometown” a bit better. I settled in as a tourist to cover as much land as I could, while being exhausted from traveling for a month. Join me for my next and final destination (London) via Eurostar from Paris Gare De Nord to London St Pancras station.


My Sabbatical Adventure

Hello all, after a year and a half sabbatical from blogging, I am back!

Soon after my last post in March of 2012, I found out I was pregnant and soon after my husband and I found out, I felt like death from 24/7 sickness. I don’t know why they call it “morning sickness,” because the sickness is ALL the time! However, we managed to take a baby-moon to Jamaica, which I will write about later on. My last travel hurrah before taking care of my future explorer.

Between my last post and today has been an adventure all it’s own. I may have slowed down on trekking the globe, but making an human being and watching her grow has been an experience that no travel can surpass.

Anyway, I’m excited to be back sharing my travel experiences and photos! Let the journey continue!!