The Greenest Place in Scottsdale Arizona

The Fairmont Princess Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona created a large green park setting in the middle of the desert. The grounds really make you feel as if you are not in such a dry location. This stunning private park contain orange trees, various birds, and a pond at the center. 


Grand Canyon

I loved taking pics of this wonder. The complimentary colors with it’s orange/red rock layers competing with the blue sky created the perfect site for photography.

My family and I visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We walked the trail from Mather Point to Yavipai Point, which measured around half a mile. I recommend the view from Yavipai over Mather  because you can see just a bit more, however, all angles display stunning vantage points.


From Below the Palms

wpid-20151003_143745.jpgSometimes we need to stop in our lives just to soak in our surroundings. As I watched my child play at an outdoor mall spray area, I realized that palm trees encircled us. At that moment I really appreciated the beauty of Arizona and found how lucky I am to enjoy the paradise that is beginning for the next eight months. Especially when the cold weather has been starting to hit most of the population in the United States. Ahh… Warmth and palms trees!

Grand Canyon from the Plane

When you’re flying so high above such a giant hole, it takes awhile to realize that the shades of red into the depths of the earth are actually part of the Grand Canyon. From the curving lines with a stream of water leading us to see the peaks of contrasting reds, the eye from above cannot quickly see the difference of land levels. However, once the beautiful mass of confusion becomes clear, you soak up every view the National Park has to show you. Even though it’s not the typical view that you would examine the Canyon, the sights give you a perspective that is not normally seen.

Grand Canyon View